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Halo Map Raters - About Us

I myself have been playing Halo for over a decade at this point in time. At one point during Halo Reach I decided that it might be an awesome idea to film and share Forge maps that were created by people in the community as they make some amazing maps. This was back in 2011 so it has actually been a fair bit of time since I started, but it was just the awesome people that love sharing map or downloading user created maps that make me interested in doing this. It's just something special seeing all these crazy maps and showing them off so that others can host awesome custom games matches for all of their friends.

As far as experience in Forge and all that I have been doing so since Halo 3, along with hosting custom games matches as they were always such a blast to play. Even now I host custom games on the occasion for people of Halo Map Raters to join in as that's usually how we get our gameplay or even do livestreams at this point of the events. It's a ton of fun and hope you will want to become a part of our hand picked community.

Finally I will go into details of the site, our scoring system and where to Reach us. We score out of 10 though it really is a friendly system of feedback and to give others an idea of comparison. I may do this by myself or invite someone else to sit in and bring their feedback in as well. This is all done entirely by the team so sorry you can't join in for rating, though feel free to submit maps or play the custom game events with us. I'll share where to reach us and other final information below.

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